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Bike Hike is just around the corner.  Warm-Up will be Friday, May 11th at EAGLE 102 located on Hwy 431.  We will continue the Beach Party theme this year, so you are also encouraged to wear your favorite beach clothes. We are not asking for bikinis and Speedos; just wear your favorite old t-shirt, shorts, and flip flops! We will have the one of a kind Warm-Up t-shirts in new colors and a new design again this year. This event started at the old radio station and was a “Warm-Up” to the next day’s 20 mile bike ride. We have made it a little easier for you and kept the Warm-Up tradition of riding old exercise bikes, but threw in the Beach Party for fun!

Riding times will begin at 7:30 a.m. and continue in 30-minute intervals throughout the day…but you really only have to ride a few minutes. Remember this is radio, no one can see!  If you are an old pro at this, we will schedule you around the same time as last year. You will be contacted by phone to confirm this time. Remember we are very flexible with time slots; you can come at any time.  Morning slots tend to fill up fast.

THIS IS NOT A SERIOUS ATHLETIC EVENT. WE ARE IN THIS FOR FUN & MONEY.So come to spend a leisurely 30 minutes with us, it will be the best 30 minutes you’ve wasted in a long time. This year we will have live music & the 7th Annual Mullet Toss at lunch. Burgers & Hot Dogs will be grilled for your lunch pleasure!

Attached you will find pledge sheets. Please gather as many pledges as you can before
May 11th. Call-ins may be made during your riding time or at any time during the day. You may want to ask your friends, co-workers, or maybe at least your mother to call in while you are riding. Please try to raise $100 or more in pledges or cold hard cash to get the one of a kind Warm-Up Beach Party t-shirt… and of course they look great! Again this year we have a variety of beach colors. Shirts will be given out the day of Warm-Up. If you are sick or can’t get out of work, or are bleeding from your head, plan to have a warm body show up at your riding time. Remember this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy the sun, wear flip flops, and actually be excused from work for a good cause.  Almost anything goes and we will write your boss an excuse if needed.

We greatly appreciate your support in this event. Without your hard work and support each year, many needed services would not be available to individuals with disabilities. They depend on YOU!


Warm –Up has become one of our biggest money making events. After you receive this letter we will follow up with an annoying phone call to confirm your riding time. Remember you can come anytime during the day.

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